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1 Hour Session - £50

30mins Session - £30

Block of Five  1 Hour Sessions £250  NOW ONLY  £240    (£10 OFF)

Block of Five   30mins Sessions £150 NOW ONLY £145 (£5 OFF)


​I came to keon because of tension in my shoulders and I had had a frozen shoulder in the past and wanted to avoid that again.

After the first session my shoulders felt better, my posture improved and I felt generally Looser and more awake.  Keon also advised me on stretching exercises which help and I now have a monthly maintenance session.  The sessions are less painful each time and it is very temporary pain. I felt that this time with Keon has been very worthwhile.

                                                                                               Maggie (Margaret)

​Keon doesnt just treat your muscles, she looks at your whole lifestyle, what you eat, how you sit and every little detail.  The advice is excellent and all adds up to a complete treatment.

                                                                                              Jae Task

Keon is the best masseuse I have ever had she is knowledgeable, professional and I swear she has "healinghands!"

I am more flexible than I have been for years. Thank you Keon! 

                                                                                              Mina Malpass

I have never had a massage quite like it AMAZING!!!

                                                                            Sandra Newth

I'm no sportsman but years of gardening and cycling and walking all of my journeys, had built up knots and tension throughout.  Some muscles were constantly tight following minor injuries and tweaks.

Keon immediately inspired confidence that hasn't been shaken since.  She detected  and ankle sprain from 10 years previous and can read the body like a book. My first session was slightly painful but Keon knows what she is doing and the results after five were outstanding.  Keon completes the treatment with individual recommendations for stretching and exercise to maintain condition, all easily manageable.

I've had no hesitation in recommending Keon to family, friends and colleagues.

                                                                                                   Callum Lindsay

I had two sessions with Keon to help me with my lower bak pain which I suffered with for long time and I did'nt know what was wrong until I had those sessions with Keon.

Well, I felt a lot better and more relaxing from that pain. Keon is a very nice person and she does her job professionally.  She is all sense of humour.

Thanks Keon I am more confident in my training at the gym.


I came to Keon with tension in my shoulders that has built up over the last couple of years to the point that I was having regular muscle spasms leaving me in quite some pain some days regular treatment has helped to relieve this and I have taken away stretches and ideas to use daily at home so this problem does not return! Thank you very much for a lovely quiet hour too in a very busy life - a much welcome break from everything.

                                                                                                   Karen Whitaker

"Keon's class is a great way to learn how your body works and really make the most of it.  As an older woman I am only too aware of keeping mobile and active.  Keon's small class is focussed and fun!"

If you are keen to improve posture and balance, along with strength give it a try".

"Although my body protests, I know it is doing me good.  Keon's class is a great way to improve posture and balance, as well as strength.

As an added bonus, our small group laughs so much that the time just disappears!"

                                                                                                   Mina Malpass